Archived Positions

Postions are listed by region:


Food for Peace Officer - Burundi (GS-13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-OAA-16-000033
Food for Peace Officer - Cameroon (GS 13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-FFP-17-000007
Food for Peace Officer – Niger (GS-13/14) - SOL-FFP-17-000008
Food for Peace Officer - Nigeria (GS-13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-OAA-17-000018
Food for Peace Officer (Humanitarian Food Assistance Advisor) (GS-14) - 72066319R00007
Food for Peace Officer –Niger (GS-13/14) - 72DFFP18R00001
Regional Food for Peace Officer - DRC (GS-13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-OAA-15-000154


Food for Peace Officer - Jordan/Turkey (GS-13/14) (GS-14) - OL-OAA-15-000073
Food for Peace Officer - Turkey/Jordan (GS-13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-OAA-16-000113
Food Security Officer - Jordan/Turkey (GS-12) (GS-12) - SOL-OAA-16-000114
Senior Regional Food Security Advisor - Hungary (GS-13/14) - 72DFFP18R00017

Middle East

Food for Peace Officer for Syria Crisis (GS-13/14) - SOL-FFP-17-000005
Food for Peace Officer for the Syria Regional Crisis (GS-13/14) - 72DFFP18R00010
Middle East Food Security Officer (GS-12/14) - 72DFFP19R00001

North America

Administrative Assistant (GS-7/9) (GS-7/9) - SOL-OAA-17-000017
Administrative Assistant/Administrative Specialist (GS-9/10) - 72DFFP18R00005
Budget & Finance Specialist (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-OAA-16-000195
Emergency Personnel & Operations Assistant (GS-9/11) (GS-9/11) - SOL-OAA-16-000048
Emergency Personnel and Operations Assistant/Specialist (GS-10/11) - 72DFFP19R00005
Emergency Personnel and Operations Assistant/Specialist (GS-10/11) - SOL-FFP-17-000014
FEWS NET Program Manager (GS-14) - 72DFFP19R00004
FEWS NET Program Manager (GS-15) (GS-15) - SOL-OAA-17-000016
Food for Peace Officer (GS-11/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000010
Food for Peace Officer (GS-11/12/13) (GS-11/13) - SOL-OAA-16-000034
Food for Peace Officer (GS-11/12/13) (GS-11/13) - SOL-OAA-15-000034
Grants Management Assistant (GS-11/12) (GS-11/12) - SOL-OAA-15-000038
Grants Management Assistant/Specialist (GS-11/12) - 72DFFP18R00009
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (GS-12/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000012
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000001
Nutritionist (GS-13) - 72DFFP18R00011
Office Manager (GS-11) - SOL-FFP-17-000009
Overseas Support Specialist (GS-10/11) - SOL-FFP-17-000011
Program & Policy Coordination Officer (GS-12) (GS-12) - SOL-OAA-16-000106
Program & Policy Coordination Officer (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000002
Program & Policy Coordination Officer (GS-13) (GS-13) - SOL-OAA-15-000074
Program Operations Specialist (GS-11) (GS-11) - SOL-OAA-16-000047
Program Operations Specialist / Senior Program Operations Specialist (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000006
Program Team Leader (GS-14) - 72DFFP18R00015
Security Specialist (GS-12/13) - SOL-FFP-17-000004
Senior Contract and Grants Specialist (GS-13) (GS-13) - SOL-OAA-16-000079
Senior Contract Specialist (GS-13) - 72DFFP18R00007
Senior Contract Specialist (GS-13) (GS-13) - SOL-OAA-15-000136
Senior Contracts and Grants Specialist (GS-13) - 72DFFP18R00012
Senior Personnel & Operations Specialist (GS-13) (GS-13) - SOL-OAA-16-000115
Senior Personnel and Operations Specialist (GS-13) - 72DFFP19R00014
Senior Program Operations Specialist (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-OAA-16-000110
Senior Regional Food for Peace Officer (GS-14) (GS-14) - SOL-OAA-16-000049
Social Media/Website Manager (GS-12) (GS-12) - SOL-OAA-17-000036
Strategic Communications Specialist (GS-13) (GS-13) - SOL-OAA-17-000034
Summer Internship (GS-1/15) - Program Assistant/IT Assistant
Supply Chain Manager (GS-14) - 72DFFP18R00004
Surge Response Food for Peace Advisor/Surge Response Senior Food for Peace Advisor (GS-13/14) - SOL-FFP-17-000003
Surge Response Food for Peace Officer (GS-13/14) - 72DFFP18R00006
Surge Response Food for Peace Officer (GS-13/14) (GS-13/14) - SOL-OAA-15-000021
Training Specialist (GS-10/11/12) (GS-10/12) - SOL-OAA-17-000015
Writer/Editor (GS-12/13) (GS-12/13) - SOL-OAA-17-000035